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Minor Structural Repairs

Every regulation service includes a thorough check of all components of your harp. Shifts in the wooden structure of your harp is normal and natural. This is due to thousands of pounds of string pressure pulling on the wooden frame of your harp. ALL harps will have wood shifts, this is the very nature of the instrument. Most are unnoticable to the eye. Often the harp will shift gradually or a small amount and then settle into its happy place. Remember, shifting happens to ALL harps, and is very natural. The majority of wood shifts are NOT problematic.

However, if there are any concerning shifts noted, there may be some instances where I could possibly help with minor structural work. Please note, I only do minor repairs that are designed to help stabilise your harp and potentially increase the longevity of your instrument. I do not do major repair work. 

Some examples of minor structural repairs I could help with include:

  • Soundboard pull-up side-rail stabilisation

  • Installing a metal plate on lever harps to stabilise shifting or separation of certain neck/column joints

  • Replace old-style base bolt bushings to delay baseframe pull-out

  • Sealing certain types of soundboard veneer cracks 

Most minor structural repairs must be done in my workshop. Please contact me for more information.

If your harp is assessed needing major repair work done, I would inform you and help guide you to the right solution for you and your harp. 

Some examples of minor structural repairs:

1. Installed a standard brass plate on this neck/column joint to stabilise shifting.

This is preventative maintenence for this type of joint.


Glued this large crack and handmade 2 x custom brass plates to clamp and restore strength to the joint. 


Below is the end result (prior to restringing)

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