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Condition Assessments

If you are looking to buy or sell a harp, you may want some guidance as to the general quality of the instrument. The aim of this service is to inspect all technical aspects of the harp with a 'fine tooth comb', and give you a condition assessment based on my knowledge & experience. This service is available for both pedal and lever harps.

This is inclusive of, but not limited to, inspecting and commenting on the:

  • soundboard

  • neck

  • column

  • base frame & base board

  • wood joints

  • action mechanism

  • pedalling components

  • levers & hardware

  • strings

  • cosmetics

  • sound quality

Harps can be very valuable instruments. If buying, this assessment may help you understand if a harp is worth it for you or what you are after. If selling, it may help you understand more about your harp and where it may sit within the current market. 

Condition assessments conducted in-person are much more thorough and accurate. However I also do offer inspections via Zoom/Video Call. All condition assessments are confidential.


Please note that this service is for personal use only, and cannot be used as an official appraisal for insurance purposes.

If you are looking for an appraisal for Insurance Replacement Value purposes, I would recommend trying to contact your harp manufacturer with your harps make, model and serial number.

Where is my serial number?

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