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Minor Cosmetic Repairs

If you have minor scratches or dents on your harp, especially if you are finding them very noticeable, you may want to consider some 'touch-up' work to improve its looks. This service is intended to mask up small imperfections on your harp. It is not suitable for larger damage or structural problems. 

Some examples of work I may be able to 'touch-up':

  • scuff marks

  • light scratches

  • discoloured marks

  • whitened lacquer

  • small dents

  • small, non structural cracks

Please note, the aim of 'touch-up' is to get the harp looking better than it was. 'Touch-up' will almost never make it look exactly as its original condition; the goal is only to make damage less noticeable. Some finishes and colours of harps may be harder and longer to work on than others. ​I specialise in Lyon & Healy harp models. 


This work is generally time consuming. It is best completed in my workshop because it requires chemicals and lacquer spray. 'Touch-up' on a service trip may be possible, but only with advanced notice, detailed photos and consultation. 

If you would like some work done on your harp, please send me clear photos, and I will assess the harp. It may require me to see the harp in person before a quote can be made. 

Some examples of my work:


Shallow scuffing: before




Scratches: before


Soundboard dents: before





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